What is the status of my health insurance?

Please note that Texas Capital Bank (the “Bank”) asserts a lien on all of the assets of the Laser Spine Institute, LLC (“LSI”) and related entities.  Accordingly, the Assignee has no access to funds, except for some funding provided by the Bank for the wind-down of the estates.  LSI made the decision to be self-insured as to employee medical benefits.  At the time of LSI’s cessation of operations Cigna, the administrator of the plan, held approximately $195,000 as a reserve but that money has been exhausted to pay claims.

In light of LSI’s insolvency, there are no further funds available to pay health insurance claims.  The plan has terminated as of March 31, 2019 (the “Termination Date.”)  In seeking new insurance, you may tell your new carrier that your coverage has ended no later than the Termination Date.

Because the plan is terminated, it has no COBRA obligations, so terminated employees will not be getting COBRA notices and those already on COBRA will no longer have COBRA coverage.

The filing of a proof of claim is the exclusive method of recovering from the assignment estates.  A proof of claim form can be accessed on the website.