What is the current status of LSI’s medical malpractice insurance coverage?

Since March 1, 2014, LSI was self-insured for malpractice claims in most states up to the first $1,000,000 per claim with excess insurance coverage through National Fire & Marine Insurance Company, as administered by MedPro Group, with additional excess limits through other insurers. These insurance policies also covered the physicians, medical staff and other employees at LSI. Pursuant to the May 23, 2019 “Order Granting Assignee’s Motion to Approve Termination of MedPro Excess Healthcare Liability Policy Effective as of May 23, 2019”, the Assignment Court authorized the Assignee to cancel all Excess Healthcare Liability policies effective May 23, 2019.  As set forth in other responses on this website, LSI has no funds to continue the defense of malpractice lawsuits and counsel for LSI and other defendants have sought leave to withdraw as counsel of record.